Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dalvis Tuya Valido @ CATM Chelsea - "DISCOVERY"

CATM Chelsea (
500 W 22nd Street - (cross: 10th Avenue)
Hours: T-F: 1-7pm, Sat: 1-7pm, Sun 1-5pm, M: closed
Exhibition open September 29 - October 30, 2011

Ten days remain for you to visit CATM Chelsea and welcome Dalvis Tuya Valido to the United States.  The Cuban born artist fled his native country six months ago and thankfully gifts Chelsea with his outstanding work.  For inquiries, contact the gallery at 

Carlos, 2008
charcoal on canvas
88.5 x 61 inches

SOS, 2008
53.1 x 43.3 cm

Shriftman Media, New York, New York September 21, 2011

Old Soviet ways still linger in the aftermath of its decline. Even in troubled times, America is still a beacon of hope; a proven bastion of freedom. It is America where Cuban born artist Dalvis Tuya Valido fled to with his family not more than five months ago. It is New York where he has shot putted to the forefront of the Fall Chelsea art season. It is here where he has not only found salvage from the refuse of the Castro era, but a place where he can exercise his new-found freedom of expression, in a freer U.S. he now calls home.

Valido debuts with DISCOVERY, a continuation of his social commentary on the life of the ordinary and the extraordinary. He brings his highly politically charged addresses as a true reactionary revolutionist, taking down Castro's theoretical utopia to the level of his people who have little choice but to live it.

As the embargo fails as America's excaliber and proves to be an impotent weapon of democracy, it has also failed the Cuban people. Valido has taken up the reins and wields a powerful message in hope of aiding those less fortunate. Using propagandist ideas in retaliation of propagandist rules, Valido makes an effort to educate the vestigial proletariat regime by monumentalizing the ordinary and immortalizing the individual; all in contradiction of the unity of all for one. Ironically as well, his values mirror and reflect the idyllic philosophy of his former dictator.

America, home to a nomadic army of the political unrest seeking refuge to reassemble and fight the "good" cause, now has a leader, Dalvis Tuya Valido.    -----    -----

Images courtesy of CATM Chelsea

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