Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Luigi Sansores (Artist Spotlight)

Art-Chelsea recently trekked on out to Bushwick to visit the studio of Luigi Sansores, an abstract artist who moved to New York from Chicago a few months ago.  What's great about Luigi is his pure, genuine love of painting.  That love is part of the reason he and his husband (Garrett, amazing chef and creator of the blog Brooklyn Living) moved here - the unmatched size of New York's artistic community was practically magnetic.  Get to know more about Luigi and enjoy browsing his work!

 Untitled #5

 Windows of Time

A-C: So you moved from Chicago to Brooklyn two months ago. How would you compare the two art scenes?

Luigi Sansores: In Chicago you deal with the Mid-West mentality (laid back and safe) and not understanding there is more out there than sports. Chicago has one of the best collections of art but this is not a city for living artists, there is such a lack of venues of exposure and community support for new artists. On the other hand, in NYC, art and expression is part of the culture; you see it everywhere in the streets and the community is aware and part of the driving force and support system of any kind of individual expression.

 Hearts of Envy


Sections of Evol

A-C: What is your first memory of picking up a paint brush?

LS: It was at a very young age, I remember probably about the age of six, after a doctor appointment, going to an art supply store and picking up materials after the doctor suggested that art would keep me focused in school. Back them they did not know about ADD. I think this was the best advice. It gave me time to myself to reflect on all the feelings that come with growing up as an idealist



Portal to...

A-C: Have you always been an abstract painter. If not, what was the motivation for the transition?

LS: I started as a drawer and then went to natural and nude drawing and it wasn't until collage that one of my profesors introduced me to abstract and the prosees of painting in that fashion. That was all it took.  My profesor used to tell me all the time "perfect is boring." This gave me the freedom and pasage into the unknown of the unconscious in each one of us.

 Untitled #1

Progression of Untitled #1

A-C: Do you have a process for every canvas you paint? Do you have a predetermined idea of what you want to produce?

LS: I try to have one but that will never hold me from living in the moment and be open to change and try new things at this prosses. Preditermination gives you parameters so most of the time I don't subjet myself to it to heart. I like the freedom of the unknown and what thoughts or feelings may come up to surprise me while painting and give them a deserving voice, changing completely your predetermined idea; therefore, everything is subject to change at any given time.

 Untitled #4

Progression of Untitled #4

A-C: In your latest work what theme and emotions do you explore?

LS: To be true to who I am as an individual energy source. My emotions went from expectations, to fear, to insecurity, to denial of one self, and, finally freedom came in to reafirm my unforgiving humanity.

 Untitled #2

A-C: What or whom is the source for your artistic inspiration?

LS: The never stopping change of life in action.

Luigi's website: http://www.luigisansores.com/Current-Projects.html
To contact Luigi, send an e-mail to lucenzo69@yahoo.com

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