Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ulysses - "Revelation" @ CATM Chelsea

"Revelation" by Ulysses, until June 9
CATM Chelsea (aka Chair and the Maiden) - 500 W 22nd Street (between 10th & 11th Ave)
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 1-7pm, Sunday 1-5pm, Closed Monday


It's hard to put into words what is currently on display at the Chair and the Maiden (CATM) gallery. The best way to put it: there is a higher power present at CATM.  The facilitator is Ulysses; a self professed prophet.  Now if you are a believer of any common religious doctrine you would call Ulysses and CATM heretics (exactly the title of Ulysses' last exhibition at A.D. Gallery at the South Street Seaport).  He is not compared as an artist to other artists, but rather to the likes of Mohammed, Buddha and Christ whose same path he insists that he follows.

It's heavy stuff which makes it easy to take the road of dismissal, but why lose the potential of the experience. Visit the gallery open minded and you may leave contemplating Ulysses' work and how it actually transcends the physical world. Spend some time in the gallery when the sun is setting. Different faces (ghosts?) appear at certain angles. Stare into one work and find the face of death and it's judging angels.  In another, the emperor and exile Napoleon Bonaparte can be perceived being judged against all his bloodshed (and you will leave wondering how is it that the blood never appears to quite dry).

Everyone, given the chance, will have their worldview forever altered; so head over to CATM. Ulysses' "Revelation" is the most original and creative art currently on display in Chelsea.

 "Implication of Heaven"

"Subconscious - One" & "Subconscious - Two" 

"The Approach"

CATM Chelsea:
Gallery of Ulysses' work:

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