Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Silent Art Auction @ Chelsea Room - Stevenski Brewster - Friday, May 6

There's an art event this Friday in the Chelsea Room, but it is not the usual group exhibition and fashion show. Instead, Stevenski Brewster will be presenting a one-man show consisting of 50 works, all 36" x 36", which will be sold via silent auction. Here's the details supplied by The Art of Fashion...

Maximalist painter

  "SILENT" Art Auction  & After Party!
Come See 50 Large 36”x36” painted over a 2o year span.
Original Oil Paintings on canvas - winning bids announced Live!!


At the world famous
Hotel Chelsea
222 w. 23rd St. NYC
@ The Chelsea Room
(Right side of main entrance - lower level)

Mention:  "STEVENSKI"
at door for FREE ADMISSION 7-10pm .

2 FOR 1 Vodka Drinks 7pm-8:30pm
Discounted Drinks $10 7-11pm

Exhibition Hosted & Sponsored by:
In association with Herbert Fox Productions

A note to the Art enthusiast:

I have been painting for over 27 years & have come to an end of an era where I’m closing the book on my 36” square format canvases. I have been producing this same size for almost 20 years and I’m now moving onto a smaller more tactical format of 24” squares. I’ve already begun this new series titled; “Robots”, - they will be in full swing this summer of 2011.

In this evenings exhibition you will see a culmination of many years of care & methodology in a range of works from 2 decades of paint. I would like to share them with you, these 50 large format oils on canvas. Enjoy their detail, energy, & the Art that led them through me... for your viewing pleasure. Experience Maximalism &
Thank you for your time...

64 West 48th Street 17th Floor
New York NY 10036

*For a listing of all receptions at Chelsea NYC art galleries, click the logo below:

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