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Mia Malone-Jennings (Artist Spotlight)

Art-Chelsea would like to introduce you to Mia Malone-Jennings, a talented artist from Minneapolis. While Mia's collection of acrylics on canvas has been widely exhibited throughout Minnesota, it is her recent work with Sharpies that caught A-C's eye. Mia was in Chelsea last month for a group show and we hope it's not long before her next trip to NYC.

Here's a little interview we had with Mia and a look at some of her latest creations. If you are interested in purchasing any of the work featured in this post, send Mia a note at mia.jennings(at)comcast.net or via her website.

 Peep Show
Sharpies, pens, and markers
16" x 20" (framed), $200

A-C: What inspired you to create a collection of art work with Sharpies, pens, and markers?

Mia: In January 2011, I had foot surgery.  The recovery process was long, agonizing, and confining.  It took me over six weeks to walk without crutches.   I generally paint with acrylic on canvas.  When I do this, I generally stand and put my whole body, passion and weight into it.  Which I couldn’t do, while sitting in a recliner chair. 

I have been a dedicated self – taught artist for over ten years, using everything from charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, digital, and even oils.  This is the first time that I created art with Sharpies, pens and markers, which I did while elevating my foot in a recliner for over six weeks.  I used a portable computer lap table to work on.  I was not content, just watching television and recovering from my foot surgery.  I wanted to be productive and creative.  I felt like a kid again, coloring with a myriad of vibrant colors.  This made my long recovery time, less agonizing and boring.   I imagined what it might have been like for past artist, Frida Kahlo, after her surgeries. 

 Fun in the Sun
Sharpies, pens, and markers
16" x 20" (framed), $200

A-C: What medium do you prefer using in your art work?  

Mia: I prefer acrylics on canvas.  I like the color vibrancy, quick ability to dry, and the easy ability to blend colors.

 Chelsea Hotel
Acrylic on Canvas (part of Mia's NYC collection)
18" x 24" (unframed), $1,000 
"A lot of time went into this portrait due to the tiny detailing." - Mia

A-C: Can you tell me what you are working on now?

Mia: I recently shipped four portraits of my Sharpie Collection to a show in Chicago, I Am Logan Square, curator, Elena Martiniuc, which will exhibit May 7.  I will soon begin another small collection of portraits for the Minnesota Black Music Awards 2011.  This will depict the talented, black musicians in Minnesota, past and present, such as Prince, Alexander O’Neil, Morris Day and The Time, Sounds of Blackness, Mint Condition, Sheila E, Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, Ladies of Jazz, The New Congress, and many more.  In between the Minnesota Black Music Awards 2011 project, I’m still working on the tribute mural to television history and Minneapolis Television Network. I have been working on this project for almost 3 years.   I have also recently been commissioned to do a painting for a nail salon, Platinum Nails.

 Venus Love Dance 
Sharpies, pens, and markers
16" x 20" (framed), $200

A-C: What artists, past or present, inspire your art work?

Mia:  Fernand Leger, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, Kandinsky, Gil Elvgrin, George Petty, Hawk Alfredson,  Bill Ward, M.C. Escher, Frank Franzetta, Olivia, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Henry Miller, and Emil White.  My list can go on forever.  But, these are my main inspirations.

Sharpies, pens, and markers
16" x 20" (framed), $200

A-C: Why did you choose to exhibit your art work with InterMix Gallery, curated by John McMullen, at the Chelsea Room, beneath the legendary Chelsea Hotel in NYC?

Mia: My first visit to NYC was almost six years ago.  I fell deeply in love with the city, the minute I stepped off the plane.   On my third visit, I stayed at the Chelsea Hotel and was enamored with its amazing energy and history.  It was then, when I dreamed of doing my first show in NY.   I didn’t stop dreaming of it until it happened.   And when it did happen on 4-15-11, it was an amazing night, with many talented artists, models, and fashion designer!  I flew home a few days later with a huge grin on my face!   It was exhilarating to be an artist at this show.  

 Fuchsia Fantasy
Sharpies, pens, and markers
16" x 20" (framed), $200

A-C: Do you have a web site which showcases your art work and updates your fans of upcoming shows?

Mia:  www.MiaMaloneJennings.com. You can also become a friend on Facebook.  Just look me up under my name, Mia Malone-Jennings.

Cruisin' In Style
Sharpies, pens, and markers
16" x 20" (framed), $200

Bio of Mia Malone-Jennings

Mia Malone-Jennings' collection of acrylics on canvas art work has been exhibited at The Carleton Artist Lofts, The Lyric in St. Paul, Saint Paul Art Crawl, 3 Minute Egg with Matt Peiken, The Urban Art Shows, Mill District Art Gallery, Altered Aesthetics Gallery, Density Studios, Outsiders and Others Gallery, Steven's Square Center for the Arts, Minneapolis Convention Center, Minnesota Black Music Awards, Pant ages Theater, Seven Ultra Lounge, and First Avenue Nightclub.

Mia’s found art sculptures are exhibited in the storefront of Party Papers and costumes in Anoka, Minnesota. Her work is seen on many book covers for Renaissance e-books, mindcaviar.com, and on the cover of West Side Wayne and His Boulevard Band’s, Jump Smooth, CD cover. She’s recently exhibited several of her portraits at InterMix Gallery, curator, John McMullen at the Chelsea room, beneath the legendary Chelsea Hotel in NYC.

Her art work also appears on the walls at Minneapolis Television Network Studios, where she has been creating a tribute mural dedicated to television history, over the past three years. Her work has been aired on Keith Porter's program, which airs on MTN, A Picturesque View.

Mia Malone-Jennings is also a performance artist, burlesque and magic, and is the founder, producer of Dr. Farrago’s Burlesque Theater, located in Minneapolis/St. Paul. You can find photos and videos on Facebook under Dr. Farrago’s Burlesque Theater and Mia Malone-Jennings.

Read a recent interview hosted by Michael McGraw with Local Artist Interview: http://www.local-artist-interviews.com/2011/01/mia-malone-jennings-painterillustrator.html

Sharpies, pens, and markers
16" x 20" (framed), $200

Interested in Mia's work? Connect further with Mia by visiting miamalonejennings.com and e-mailing mia.jennings(at)comcast.net.

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