Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tonight: Art of Fashion/Intermix Gallery Pop-Up Exhibition at Hotel Chelsea

Tonight's event would please those that enjoy the Chelsea scene, but sometimes grow fatigued by the monotony of the commercial galleries. For those that this applies, visit the Hotel Chelsea tonight and then go underground (literally, the show is underneath the hotel in the Chelsea Room) to experience quality art in a drink-dance-chill atmosphere. Also involved in this happening is a musical performance and fashion show.

The Chelsea Room (Hotel Chelsea)
222 W 23rd Street (between 7th & 8th Ave)  
7-11pm - Art Exhibit (15 artists)
9:30pm - musical performance by Keisha White
10pm - fashion show of an evening wear collection by Citrolina

*mention "The Art of Fashion" or "Herbert Fox" for free admission until 10pm*
*2 for 1 vodka drinks 7-8:30pm*
*discounted drinks 7-11pm*

One artist that will be at the show is Devin Westland. Take a minute and learn about his unique story (he "smells and tastes colors" due to a medical condition) and then check out a preview of his work. He has a maze-like composition of brushstrokes which combine with vibrant colors to create some extraordinary impressionistic landscapes and portraits. 

"The Waiter" by Devin Westland

To view more or Devin's work, visit:

To see what the scene is like at The Art of Fashion events, photographer Christopher Butt ( did great work capturing last week's show. You can see all the photos Christopher snapped here.

Photos by Christopher Butt

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