Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chelsea NYC Art Gallery Opening Receptions: March 10, 2011's 
5 gallery opening receptions for Thursday March 10, 2011

#1 - Porous Walker, Lori D., Sean Morris - Tendenceis
6-9pm @ 547 W 27th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)
Sean Morris
"Bazooka Beach"

Sidney Pink
Squid Love

#2 - Agus Suwage - The End Is Just Beginning Is the End
Tyler Rollins Fine Art
6-8pm @ 529 W 20th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

#3 - Daniel Baorlandelli - Vendaval
Denise Bibro Fine Art
6-8pm @ 529 W 20th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

Also showing: Roslyn Meyer - Water Play: Photography

#4 - Dimitri Kozyrev - Last One
Benrimon Contemporary
5-9pm @ 514 W 24th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

#5 - Nihonga: New Traditions
Dillon Gallery
6-8pm @ 555 W 25th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

*For a listing of all receptions at Chelsea NYC art galleries, click the logo below:

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