Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chelsea NYC Art Gallery Opening Receptions: February 24, 2011's 
11 gallery opening receptions for Thursday Feb. 24, 2011

#1 - ZEVS, Liquidated Version
5-9pm @ 511 W 25th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

Liquidated Louis Vuitton Logo (Black)

Liquidated NASDAQ Logo

Liquidated Chanel Logo

Take a look at ZEVS' work on the streets of Brazil: 

#2 - Tomory Dodge
CRG Gallery
6-8pm @ 548 W 22nd Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

#3 - Arctic Wonderland, Sarah Anne Johnson
Julie Saul Gallery
6-8pm @ 535 W 22nd Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

#4 - Slow Color, Jaq Chartier
Morgan Lehman Gallery
6-8pm @ 535 W 22nd Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

Large Spectrum Chart, 2010

Color Wheels, 2010

Also showing @ Morgan Lehman, in THE STUDY: Project Space:
Adam Chapman

#5 - The Execution of the Soul, CIRIA
Stux Gallery
6-8pm @ 530 W 25th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)
Time Eyes - Rorshach Heads III Series, 2010

Portrait - Rorshach Heads III Series, 2010

#6 - Choice and chance structure art and nature, 
Frederick Sommer
Ricco/Maresca Gallery
6-8pm @ 529 W 20th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)
*Also on view at Bruce Silverstein/20 - 529 W 20th Street

#7 - XV, Gregory Johnston
Stephen Haller Gallery
6-8pm @ 542 W 26th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)
Studio Fioritura IV, 2011

#8 - The Golden Hour, Purdy Eaton
Nancy Hoffman Gallery
6-8pm @ 520 W 27th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

#9 - The Border, Victoria Sambunaris
Yancey Richardson Gallery
6-8pm @ 535 W 22nd Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

"Untitled" from "The Border" series, 2010

#10 - Neverland Lost: A Portrait of Michael Jackson, 
Henry Leutwyler
Foley Gallery
6-8pm @ 548 W 28th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

#11 - Aldert Mantje
Witzenhausen Gallery
6-8pm @ 547 W 27th Street (Cross: 10th Ave)

While it was a struggle to find any image previews of the exhibition, the description of the artist on Witzenhausen's site serves as a nice replacement:
Witzenhausen Gallery New York is proud to present the work of acclaimed Dutch artist Aldert Mantje. Honorary member of the commando-troops, wineconnoisseur, sleuth and acclaimed artist (painter really..). Became famous and filthy rich after studying at the Rietveld Academy of Arts. He still can’t get over the insane amount of tax he has to pay.
Considers himself as chieftain and therefore indispensable at keeping the agenda and applying for grants for lesser gods.
Mantje generates so many ideas that he has to be tied down on a regular basis. He started Aorta, Seymore Likely, Genral ideas, etc.
Lived for years in New York where he became a local celebrity. Due to his charm Mantje has been married 5 times and fathered 2 sons.

Mantje's website is just as mysterious:

*For a listing of all receptions at Chelsea NYC art galleries, click the logo below:

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